Video Editing and Animation

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  • Video editing and animation

    course syllabus                Teacher: Mrs. Tomasello             room: k-27 


    What is this course?

    This class is a full year, one credit course. You will have access to the full adobe creative suite, however this class will focus on the following programs:

    Adobe Premiere for video editing

    iMovie for video editing

    Adobe character animate for performance animation                                 

    Mud box for 3-d character creation

    Adobe after effects for special effects and titles

    The primary goal of this class is for you to gain knowledge in these programs while understanding the elements necessary to make a film, character, or animation.


    Rules and EXPECTATIONS

    Storyboarding (drawing and writing) will be necessary as we plan short films.

    Collaboration is expected as you will often need your classmates to help you.


    PHONES MUST BE OFF AND OUT OF SIGHT UNLESS YOU USING IT FOR A PROJECT.                                               

    Clean up after yourself.

    Treat materials and computer with care. Do not eat or drink over the keyboard.

    Use clean hands. If you get something on the keyboard or computer, wipe it off.

    Do not change screensaver or use the computers in any way to distract yourself and others from task at hand.

    Use class time wisely. Do not use computer for your own interests or other classes.

    Do not meddle in other student’s  folders.

    Be on time.

    Be respectful to all.


    Grading policy

    Class assignments (storyboarding, writing, exercises, mini projects) = 20%

    Participation & effort  (attendance, work ethic, ambition, focus, drive, initiative, resourcefulness) = 20%

    Projects (based on rubric) = 60%

    Late work will be penalized 3 points per day late. If you were absent due to sickness, you must use my office hours days to make sure the project is completed on time. It is the teacher’s discretion to allow more time.


    Supplies    Folder, a few sheets of lined paper, pen or pencil.