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  • Academic Support - Grade 11

    Consultant Teacher:  Steven Leffler



    Course Objectives/Goals:

    1. To meet each student’s academic and social needs through an individualized program.
    2. To facilitate student independence and responsibility in completing the requirements demanded at the 11th grade level.
    3. To develop appropriate study and organizational skills which will promote achievement in the regular education classroom.
    4. To foster feelings of self-esteem and success within the regular classroom.



     Course Content/Major Topics:

                Academic Support is a supplemental instruction program that provides additional assistance to reinforce the student’s regular classroom instruction and remediation of deficit areas.   Academic Support is specially designed to meet each student’s academic and social needs.  A variety of teaching methods and materials are developed based on assessments, annual goals, and short-term objectives as stated in the student’s individualized education plan (IEP).  Content and feedback from the regular education teachers play and integral part in the development of Academic Support class content. 



    Textbook and other Books Used: (Chromebook useage)

                The regular classroom textbooks are used along with a variety of reference materials, study guides, computer programs, and remedial approaches due to the diverse abilities and learning styles of each student. Your child's school provided chromebook is the most important tool they will have all day. Most teachers are utilizing them every day in their classes to assign and track work completion, remind students of upcoming assignments, and to replace paper texts whenever possible.  Pleas emake sure your student has their charged chromebook everyday.