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                 Welcome to Earth Science

    Contact Information:


    Phone extension: 6305

    Office Hours: Monday and Thursday



    1.       Folders with pockets

    2.       A four-function calculator- We will use a calculator frequently in class and in the lab. A scientific calculator is not needed.  Any basic calculator will do.

    3.       Pencils and pens- Be sure to have a pencil and a pen with you daily.

    4.       Loose leaf paper- Be sure to have a supply of loose leaf paper in your folders. Any type of paper is acceptable.


    Homework Policy:

    1.       Expect homework frequently. 

    2.       Late homework is not accepted for a grade and will be marked as a zero.  The two lowest homework grades for the quarter will be dropped to compensate for any circumstance causing a student to not do an assignment.  Any project worth more than 50 points would not be dropped.  

    3.       If a student is absent, homework that was due during their absence is expected upon their return to class unless there is an extenuating circumstance. 


    Grading Policy: 

    1.       Earth Science is a Regents science course, therefore there is a lab component.  Lab accounts for 20 percent of the students’ classroom grade.  Any late lab is given a zero after the due date.

    2.       80 percent of a student’s grade is from their earth science class, which includes homework, classwork, quizzes, and tests.  

    3.       Because of the opportunity to re-take tests(Regents Only) throughout the year, only a few occasional extra-credit opportunities will be provided throughout the year.

    4.       Any student found cheating on any assignment will be dealt with according to the district approved code of conduct found in the students’ agendas. 

    Lab Policy:

    1.       Please refer to the strike policy sheet attached regarding labs and strikes. Strike Policy

    2.       Any lab not completed by the due date is assigned a grade of zero. 

    3.       Labs are to be made up during Office Hours.

    4.       Labs account for 20% of a student’s grade in their earth science class.  A separate grade for lab will not appear on a student’s report card. 


    Successful Strategies: 

    1.       Bring a good attitude and an inquiring mind to class

    2.       Be prepared with the proper supplies and your agenda. Agendas are critical for success. In addition to using your agenda for organization, we will often refer to the reference materials in the agenda.

    3.       Be respectful, kind, and caring

    4.       Know your lab day and keep track of the lab calendar.  If an absence occurs on your lab day, be sure to make it up on the very next lab study hall day or tenth period.

    5.       Complete your daily homework assignments carefully. At times, homework will be assigned at When internet homework is assigned, you will have two days to complete it.  This will allow students to utilize school computers if needed.

    6.       Stay organized! Empty and organize your backpack often and take your agenda to each class.

    7.       Stay during the activity period/teacher office hours for review, extra help, or lab completion.

    8.       Focus on being a good listener and observer.

    9.       Read your textbooks.  Our notes follow them almost directly.

    10.   If you are unsure of directions or an assignment, please ask me to clarify them.



    Topics Covered: Not necessarily in this order

    1         Observation, Measurement, Inference, and Classification

    2         Size, Shape of the Earth and Earth's Coordinate System including topography

    3         Rocks and Minerals

    4         Earth's Dynamic Crust

    5         Water, Ground Water, Pollution and Resources

    6         Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition

    7         Earth's History

    8         Meteorology 

    9         Earth in Space/ Astronomy




    Have a great year!


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