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    Living Environment                           

    Course Overview and Policies

    Mrs. Anastasi     Room K4

    e-mail: jhanastasi@starpointcsd.org


    This course explores the nature of life and its characteristics. Topics covered include Life Processes, Cells, Biochemistry, Photosynthesis, Respiration, Homeostasis, Human Body Systems, Reproduction, Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology. Students learn about the core scientific principles, theories, and processes governing living organisms, biological systems, and natural phenomena, so that they may develop a deeper understanding of how biology impacts their daily lives.

    Required Materials

    • 3-ring binder
    • Pens and pencils
    • White lined paper (i.e., notebook paper)
    • Highlighter
    • Colored Pencil
    • Folder

    Classroom Policies and Expectations

    1) At the bell, be in your seat with your materials ready.

     2) Bring your 3-Ring Binder, Teacher-Distributed Notes, and a pen to class

        EVERY DAY.

     3) You are responsible for getting the notes for any time you miss due to absence(s).

         These notes are available from me at the beginning of class, during 10th Periods,

         and/or when you have a study hall. You may also fill in the missing notes from a


    Grading Policy

    There will be a test at the end of each major unit of study. If a student is absent on the day of an exam, the exam must be made up the next day, or at a time and date agreed upon by the student and teacher. Grading for the course is based on a total point system. A student’s lab grade is incorporated into his/her lecture class grade. The approximate breakdown of grade input categories is as follows:

    Tests and Quizzes                        50%

    Homework and Class Work        30%

    Laboratory Grade                        20%

    Homework Policy

    Homework assignments and class work are given to reinforce what is learned in class. Homework will consist of Castle Learning assignments, written assignments, finishing class work, and studying notes. Methods of checking written homework include collection, spot checks, and asking questions on the tests that are taken directly from assignments.

    Successful completion of Castle Learning homework assignments is critical to your success in this course! Every unit will involve at least two Castle Learning assignments, so access to a computer is imperative. These assignments will always be graded and incorporated into the 30% allocation for homework.

               Remember ®   Computer and/or internet issues are NOT an acceptable excuse

                                           for non-completion of Castle Learning assignments.

    Late or incomplete assignments of any kind will not be accepted. If a student is absent from class, it is her/his responsibility to get the assignment missed and complete it by an agreed upon date. Make-ups of undone or incomplete homework will not be allowed except for extenuating circumstances in the judgment of the instructor only.


    Office Hours and Extra Help Opportunities

    Students are encouraged to stay 10th Periods if extra help is needed or work needs to be completed due to an absence. My 10th Period office hours are Monday and Tuesday of every week (alternative Wednesday).  Students are encouraged to stay.