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    Welcome to the Student Services webpage!  We have designed this site to make it informative and easy to navigate.  All information has been arranged by grade-level, and is accessible by clicking on the grade and counselor listed below.  If a topic (like drug counseling) is pertinent to multiple grades, you will find it within each of the grade level links.  Some new features that we have included are:  Guidance Direct access, grade-specific timelines, drug awareness information, 4-year course selection plan, course descriptions (including electives), and different diploma types.  Additionally, we have published our Guidance Plan, that helps guide us in what we do to help kids now and in the future.  Use this page as the jump-off point to access anything you need that we offer.  

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    Ms. Wasilewski and 9th Grade Info

    Mrs Rickerson -Psychologist

    10th Grade Info

    Ms. Angelucci-Social Worker

    Mrs. Rodenhaus and 11th Grade Info


    Mr. Smith and 12th Grade Info


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