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    Welcome to Team North Stars


    Office Hours:

    Social Studies: Mr. Mariglia (M/F) mmariglia@starpointcsd.org

    English: Mrs. Niziol (M/TH)  mniziol@starpointcsd.org

    Math: Mrs. Rusinek (W/Th) krusinek@starpointcsd.org

    Science: Mr. Wasylenko (T/W) bwasylenko@starpointcsd.org

    French & Spanish: Ms. Hammerl (M/W) lhammerl@starpointcsd.org

    Study Skills: Mrs. Heximer (M/W) mheximer@starpointcsd.org



    Monday 9/16

    Tuesday 9/17

    Wednesday 9/18

    Thursday 9/19

    Friday 9/20


    (Social Studies)





    QW #1

    (Read pgs 5-9 if absent)

    Finish text-dependent questions if needed inferring practice ws


    (Read p.10-21 if absent)


    (Math 8)


    HW #6: Negative Exponents and Laws of Exponents Worksheet



    HW #7: Magnitude Worksheet



    HW #8: Estimating Quantities Worksheet



    HW #9: Scientific Notation (day 1) Worksheet



    HW #10: Comparison of Numbers Written in Scientific Notation Worksheet

    TTM Lesson #2 due TODAY!




    HW #8: Worksheet - Sums and Products of Rational and Irrational Numbers



    HW #9: Worksheet - Rational Exponents



    HW #10: Worksheet - Solving Equations Using a Radical



    HW #11: Worksheet - Combining Like Terms and The Distributive Property



    HW #12: Worksheet - Simplifying Expressions 

    TTM Lesson #2 due TODAY!



     Volume Lab  No HW  Density WS

     Sink or Float

    Density Lab 

     No HW


    (Earth Science)

     Volume Lab   CL - Inferences and Measurement   Density Lab #4  Density triangle WS  Density Graph 



     P. R4-R5 #1,2,3 in the Reprise homework packet

     Reprise homework  packet p. R5#4- R6(top)

     Reprise homework packet p. R8 #1,2  and make bingo board

     Reprise packet p.R9 #3, 4 and study for vocabulary quiz on p. 4-5 of the yellow vocabulary list

    ER verb packet p. 72 A, 74 B, 75 C



     Repaso B packet p. R5#1 

     Repaso B packet p. R6-R8 sections #2,3,4,5  Repaso B packet p. R10 sections #7,8  Repaso B packet p. R11-R12 sections #9,10 and study Verb endings and repaso B vocabulary.

     Fill in the Repaso C vocabulary list.



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