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    Critical Thinking 7 - Biomedical Science (GC Code: qkp7fui)

    Critical Thinking 8 - Environmental Engineering (GC Code: hk24igx)  


    Critical Thinking is offered to 7th & 8th graders.  These courses explore real-world situations through problem-solving and team approaches.  Students work hands-on to build and create while also acquiring background information in STEM topics and related careers!
    Grade 7- Biomedical Science: In this class, we will explore a range of topics including: the human body, genetics, disease, contagion, food safety, forensics, etc.  We will work together on a number of labs and activities, and will eventually form teams to solve a "murder mystery!!"  Students will learn to take vital signs, extract their own DNA, and even dissect a sheep brain!  Students will assume the roles of physicians and detectives to participate in medical diagnosis and solving crimes!
    Grade 8- Environmental Engineering: In this class, we will become active consumers as we recognize our energy usage and carbon footprint.  We will learn about energy sources, alternative energies, recycling, engineering careers, climate change, soil analysis, etc. Students will construct windmills, snap-circuitry, energy sources, re-imagined products, and more! Hands-on labs will expand innovation and thinking toward the future!
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