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        Ms. Rummings  

    My name is Ms. Rummings and I have been a Special Education teacher here at Starpoint for 17 years.  My goal is to work with students, parents and classroom teachers to create the best learning environment possible in order to ensure childrens´ success. 

    I am currently working as a consultant teacher in rooms A7 and A10 with both Ms. Schifferli and Mrs. McGuire.

    You can reach me anytime by e-mail at Trummings@starpointcsd.org or by phone at 716-210-4107.

    There are many areas of this website that I hope you find valuable. My goal is to make the website not just a tool for me, as the teacher, to connect with parents, but also a learning tool and resource for the students.  I hope this website will be useful to you and help support student learning at home!