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     Welcome to the Starpoint Intermediate Health Office! 

    My name is Mrs. Kramer and I am your school nurse.  My goal is to oversee your child's well-being while at school.  This includes taking care of minor ailments (bumps, bruises, paper cuts, etc.) as well as following proper protocol in case of a more serious issue. 

    What appears below is vital information regarding your child's health at Starpoint Intermediate School.  Feel free to contact the Health Office with any questions during regular school hours at: 210-2130. The fax number is 210-2131. My e-mail is

    Also be advised, due to confidentiality regulations, many health care providers may no longer FAX medical information to the school.  It is the parent's/guardian's responsibility to provide the Health Office with the required documentation.  

    HIPPA release form


    If your child needs medication in school (over-the-counter and/or prescription), an "Authorization for Administration of Medication" form must be completed by the parent/guardian and physician. This is to be returned to the Health Office by the parent/guardian along with the medication in the original container. Only inhalers and Epi-pens may be carried by the student once proper consent is obtained. Until the consents are received, your child will not be able to receive or self-administer medication in school. 

    Please note all medication forms expire on June 30th of the school year.  A parent/guardian is required to pick up any remaining medication at the end of the school year. Medications are not stored over the summer and will be destroyed if not picked up by a parent or guardian. 



     As of July,1st 2018 New York State law requires a health examination for all students entering K,1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th grade.

    For Regan Intermediate, 3rd and 5th grades require a physical.  They must be dated no more than 12 months prior to the start of the school year in which they are required.

    As mandated by State Education Law, new registrants and students in grade Three and Five must undergo a physical examination by a physician or health provider. Since your child’s physician is more familiar with your child, it would be best to have him/her perform the physical. An acceptable physical is one performed after September 3rd of the prior year. Please provide a copy to the health office.

    NEW ENTRANTS: a copy of a physical is required to be sent in within 30 days of entrance. The physical must be dated no more than 12 months prior to the date of entrance. 

    If your child has an appointment for an exam during the school year that is after the first 30 days of school, please notify your child's Health Office with the appointment date.

    "Health Appraisal" forms may be obtained from the Health Office or downloaded for your convenience. Health Exam Form 2023

    *Effective September 1, 2008, New York State Education Law requests a dental form for each new student entering the District, K, 1st,3rd,5th,7th, 9th and 11th grades.  Dental Certificate


    NYS Department of Health BMI survey

    Recent changes to the New York State Education Law require that BMI and weight status group be included as part of the student’s health examination for mandated years. Our school will be reporting to the New York State Department of Health information about our student’s weight status groups. Only summary information is sent. No names and no information about individual students are sent.  However, you may choose to have your child’s information excluded from this survey report.  Please contact the school health office by Jan 2nd 2023 if you wish to opt-out your child.


    School immunization rules and regulations are governed by the New York State Department of Health, which publishes comprehensive information for families and health care providers on the immunization requirements for students.

    Click here for a simple chart that shows the immunization requirements for students at each grade level:

    If you have specific questions regarding immunizations, please contact the New York State Department of Health Immunization Bureau at 1-518-473-4437 or


    At the beginning of the school year you will receive a demographic form to review and update for the current year.  You will be asked for several phone numbers should we need to contact you or someone you trust.  Your child will only be released from the Health Office to people on your list.  Please keep the Intermediate Office updated if your emergency numbers change throughout the school year.  This form is vital to your child's safety should he/she become ill, injured or there is an emergency.



    Students in grades 3 and 5 will have their vision and hearing tested during the school year. Fourth grade screenings will be done at parent's request, teacher's request, or follow up on an existing problem.

    Scoliosis screening is checked by the school nurse if not completed at the yearly physical for girls in grade 5. Any problems noticed will be rechecked by the school physician or nurse practioner. Should any concerns be discovered, a written Health Referral will be sent to your home for your and your primary care physician to review.



    Justine Kramer RN, BSN
    Health Office
    Regan Intermediate
    Phone: 210-2130
    Fax: 210-2131


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